2013: Year of God’s Favour

Day of favor placard-01 3The Lord said that 2013 would be the ‘Year of God’s Favor’ for us.  When we heard that at the start of the year we may have expected great things to happen – and they did. However it would be wrong to associate God’s favour only with ‘feel good’ things. Joseph, son of Jacob is one bible person that we associate God’s favour with for all the wonderful things that happened with him. However we also read in the story of God’ favour to Joseph,

But while Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden. Genesis 39:20-21

In our normal appreciation of God’s favour we forget that the favour also visits us in prison. We usually associate the favour of God with palaces not prisons. But if we are to get to the palace, then we must endure the prison – God’s favour will sustain us in both places.

That is how for some of us this year has been. We’ve felt as we were in prison but in faithfully enduring and expecting God’s favour we will soon find ourselves out of the prison and perhaps enjoying that same favour in the palace.

Two particularly satisfying programs were run through the year that I was privileged to serve with Manju (& others) as we enjoyed the favour of God together.

In the past we’ve had some outstanding training programs. Borrowing selectively from them and pressing in by the grace of God we were delighted to finish the first Frontier Residential Training Program here in Nashik which included training in theology & leadership for the first batch pictured here on their graduation morning:

Our prayer for these dear folk is that they would live for the praise of Jesus and for His applause, running the race He has marked out and finishing the race like Him by looking to Him. More pictures from their final morning with Grace Church are here.

Through the year except May we gathered an average of 15 couples for a monthly three hours of food, fellowship, learning and prayer. Prakash & Sujata joined Manju and me to share the teaching responsibility and we even had our friends Adam & Susie share one Sunday. We ended this well appreciated program with a masti evening this past Sunday as the following pictures show. More pictures from the mast night are here.

This year is almost over, its a good thing God’s favour never ends. This favour has sustained us this year and no doubt will be our portion in the next year for it comes from a God who is the ‘same, yesterday, today and forever’.


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